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Why Use BioMAX Septic Tank Products?
Don't Be Fooled by Imitators!

Companies that use spore technology are making false claims of performance and saying that their products match the novel and unique technology featured in BioMAX/Pro™ (Liquid Live Bacteria).


BioMAX/Pro™ is a unique technology that stands alone as the only one with a 6-day, multi-stage fermentation process developed to achieve maximum results in treating onsite wastewater systems. This technology simply cannot be compared to the single day process of competitive spore-based products. Independent microbiology research confirms that spore-based microorganisms as used in most, if not all, competitive products lack the ability to degrade fat, proteins, long chain fatty acids, and the byproduct of tissue paper. These slow and difficult to degrade compounds build-up on septic tank surfaces, tank bottom solids, and result in a bio-mat, which causes absorption problems.


Our product degrades these difficult compounds rapidly to enhance onsite wastewater systems (aerobic, anaerobic and anoxic).

We combine our innovative products with the ability to address any technical questions you may have (from ATU's to package systems to septic tank operations) at any time and at any level. We fully support our products and our customer's needs. There is no comparison to our products, technology or support. We are committed to being the leading technology supplier in the industry, because we sell solutions!

Regardless of the false claims made against BioMAX/Pro™ by our competition, it is important to note that the manipulated lab data they are using does not in any way relate to actual field performance. These spore-based, run-of-the-mill biological products simply cannot match the capabilities of BioMAX/Pro™. With over 17,000 systems saved to date, BioMAX/Pro™ is the only proven product that can successfully meet aerobic, anaerobic and anoxic oxidation reactions in wastewater processes, and degrade substrate that builds up in tank lines and absorption area that exceeds all competitive products.