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Septic Tank Maintenance Treatment
BioMAX Septic Tank Maintenance Products

Professional Strength - Biological Septic System Treatment with Added Enzymes for Tissue and Fat/Oil Breakdown

  • 12 convenient to use packets - 1 year supply
  • Drop and flush
  • A safe, non-pathogenic microbial and enzyme blend
  • Targets grease, fats and tissue breakdown
  • Professional strength
  • Improves bio-activity in tanks and fields
  • Safe for all pipes and septic systems
  • Contains select biodegraders which remove organic biodegradable waste
  • Environmentally friendly

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BioMAX SMT Septic Maintenance Treatment:

  • Provides continued 12 month system microbial activity
  • Treats septic tanks and drainfields in one application
  • Assists in the breakdown of grease and tissue
  • Overcomes system shock loading to biologicals
  • Reduces potential organic solids carry over to drainfields
  • Improves overall system performance
  • Easy to use soluble packets
  • Just drop and flush for enhanced system performance!

For optimum biological activity all year long, flush one BioMAX/SMT packet monthly.

Your on-site wastewater system relies on microorganisms to breakdown, degrade and remove organic matter. Unfortunately some slow-to-degrade organics, household chemicals, sanitizers and medication can deplete or kill the essential microorganisms within your wastewater system. Should this happen, organic matter will build up at a rate greater than the natural biological removal of system microorganisms, resulting in potential system failure.

BioMAX/SMT bio-enzymatic formulation is designed specifically to provide continued high rate microbial activity (when used on a regular basis) assuring long term system degradation performance.
Use BioMAX/PRO to activate your system after pumping and BioMAX/SMT each month to assure long term system biological activity.

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