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BioMAX Grease Away
Septic Tank Treatment Product
BioMax Grease Away Septic Product

Commercial Strength Drainline & Grease Trap Treatment


  • Eliminates Odors
  • Cleans Septic Field Lines
  • Reduces Grease Trap Clogs
  • Reduces Interceptor Cleaning
  • Benefits Receiving Wastewater Systems
  • Contains 8 highly effective microbial cultures
  • Degrades difficult FOG constituents and fatty acid compounds
  • Works at high and low temperatures
  • Effective in pH of 4.0 - 10.0

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BioMAX Grease Away Septic Tank Treatment

BioMAX/GREASE AWAY (GA) will establish an active bacterial population that keeps drainlines and grease traps free-flowing and odor-free. Goes to work on contact to degrade difficult line and trap deposits and control odorous reactions.

BioMAX/GA is a newly developed bio-technology designed specifically for commercial drain and trap systems. Its select microorganisms target and degrade difficult short and long chain fatty acids that are known to represent most drain and grease trap problems (deposit formation, low pH and odor production.) BioMAX/GA reduces system odor, eliminates and reduces line problems and reduces grease trap clogs and odors.


BioMAX/GA produces a wide range of enzyme reactions necessary for biological oxidation of most biodegradable waste matter. The bioformulation functions over a wide temperature and pH range, and degrades most VFA’s associated with grease trap problems including branched VFA’s isobutyric acid and
isolvaleric acid.

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